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I don’t even know if there is a tag for the Blaine/Kurt/Sebastian/Cooper foursome so I’m tagging this with all three Blaine ships (it does have some Cooplaine, Klaine and Seblaine). This is a little fluffy foursome NC-17 porn ficlet with boypussy!Blaine and really, that’s all it is. Ryker talked about this idea and it just couldn’t leave me alone.

Warnings: sex, foursome, established polyamourous relationship, incest, boypussy, triple penetration (ass/pussy/mouth), um… that’s it, I think.

Fanfiction.Net: So Good To Me

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Title: Saturdays With Pezberry (archiveofourown)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: g!p Pezberry (ik f/f)
Warning: g!p, anal sex, anal plug
Summary: Rachel and Santana run errands on Saturdays like everyone else. Sometimes they do other stuff first.

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Title: When I Get You Alone (ao3)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Huntbastian
Warning: toys, slut shaming, rough sex
Summary: GKM prompt. While Hunter is out, Sebastian takes the opportunity and fucks himself on Hunter’s bed while pretending it’s actually Hunter. But then Hunter comes back - and shows Sebastian how it’s really done.

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i’m about to make your sweat roll backwards—Kurt’s not-quite anniversary gift to Blaine is a total surprise. (includes slight D/s, use of toys, bp!Blaine.)


Blaine’s lips are just the perfect slick-warm-wet against Kurt’s when he says it: “I have a present for you.”

Blaine pulls away with a sucking noise, lifts up. His eyebrows rise, and a flirty little smile tugs the corners of his red, shining lips upward. “Is that so?” he drawls, resting his weight on his hands, his legs on either side of Kurt’s hips. He’s a warm, constant, heavy-perfect pressure, and Kurt never wants him to go.

He nods, smiling, and runs a hand over Blaine’s cheek. “It’s under the bed. Get it for me, darling?”

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A Little More

Title: A Little More (archiveofourown)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: klaine
Warning: double penetration, rimming, illusion to fisting, Blaine in a thong
Summary: After a long rehearsal, Blaine turns out to be not that tired after all.

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Title: Snow (
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seblaine
Warning: kinda fluffy, show sex, frottage
Summary:Seblaine outside playing in the snow (get into a snowball fight) then they go inside to warm up. 
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Title: Smack (livejournal)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sebklaine, Seblaine
Warning: spanking
Summary: Blaine is making Sebastian late for class so Seb playfully smacks his ass and tells him to get a move on— and everything goes crazy from there.

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'home is wherever i'm with you' (cooper/blaine prompt) nc-17


Prompt: blainersdapperdick asked you: You could do breathplay kink… ooooh or wall. sex. DEFINITELY DO WALL SEX.

warnings: incest, blowjobs, penetrative (wall) sex

word count: 1,513

title taken from edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros’ “home”

“Welcome to your new home, Mr. Anderson!” Cooper announces as he opens the door, gesturing with grandeur into the nearly barren apartment.

Blaine peeks around the doorway, his eyes alight with the curiosity and wonderment that has been present in his gaze since they arrived in New York City. He smiles so widely that Cooper thinks his face will split as he walks into the apartment on the balls of his feet. Spinning around and appearing to take everything in, Blaine stops as he comes to face Cooper again. “I love it.”

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Fic: When Blaine is away, his boys will play - Sebklaine


Established Sebklaine — Kurtbastian; bp!kurt, making of a sex tape

Kurt closed the door to the apartment and took a deep breath as he looked around. It was quieter since Blaine was out of town for work, but he knew that Sebastian had to be around somewhere. “Bas,” he called out, taking off his jacket and heading into the bedroom to change out of his work clothes.

Sebastian had long since tossed himself down on the bed to sleep for a few hours before Kurt came home, giving a low groan from where he was sprawled out on his stomach as he heard his name from down the hall. He managed to lift his head as the bedroom door opened, giving Kurt a lazy smile. “Hey, babe.”

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Seblaine. Contains marking and a bit of spanking. Some D/s elements as well.

Sebastian practically vibrates with anticipation as he pulls down Blaine’s briefs, his fingertips dancing on the warm skin once they were off. He had been waiting for this all day- all week.

And finally he has Blaine spread out on his stomach, his ass lifted slightly into the air, all for Sebastian to worship. And worship is exactly what he wants to do. He wants to bite, to mark, to make this perfect, round, delicious ass his.

“Fucking beautiful,” Sebastian growls, watching as Blaine shivers under his light touches. He’s prepared to take his time, make sure Blaine’s so bruised and marked that he won’t be able to sit in the morning, but he isn’t sure he can resist. Sebastian knows he might snap and just fuck Blaine there and then, but he wants to take his time.

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